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Corona Virus – Relevant information (as of February 2, 2023) for all scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

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During the pandemic, regulations are imposed by different sources. The German government imposes the overall rules, but the governments of the individual Länder (federal states in Germany) as well as some cities have the freedom to impose regulations with regard to the particular situation of the area. Here we try to summarize the information relevant for our guests as best as possible and to keep it up to date. We assume no liability for this information and refer to the government websites for the official regulations:

NRW website, RKI website, city of Bonn's website.

Update February 1, 2023: no more mask obligation in public transport and no more isolation obligations for Corona infected persons.

Some rules regarding facilities with vulnerable groups of people still remain (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, workshops for people with disabilities)


The current regulations for entering Germany can be found on the website of the Robert-Koch-Institut.

The abolition of the COVID proof requirement and the provisional lifting of the pandemic-related entry restrictions as of June 11, 2022 do not mean the lifting of the entry restrictions for persons resident in China. These continue to apply due to the reciprocity clause. Entry from China will continue to be permitted only for good cause (in accordance with the implementation of Annex II to Council Recommendation 2020/912). The entry restrictions also apply regardless of the vaccination status of the traveller. Further information can also be found on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
Update January 9, 2023: China is classified as threatening to become a virus variant area. There is a testing obligation for travelers from China entering Germany (PCR or Antigen test, not older than 48 hours at the time of entry or planned entry). This obligation to provide proof also applies to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. Please note the required testing and verification for travellers from China when entering Germany.

Please make sure to check the detailed regulations that apply for entering Germany from the respective country you will travel from and for your particular circumstances.

Regulations in the MPIM

  • wearing a mask is voluntary in the whole institute and there is no 3G rule for external visitors anymore.
  • the limit and mask obligation for the lecture hall is also lifted.
  • However, if a member of staff asks you to wear a mask when entering their office, we kindly ask you to respect this.
  • We urgently ask you to stay home if you have any symptoms suggestive of the Corona virus and report every positive tested case to or 0228-402-255.

The recommendations remain:

  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
  • Ventilate the rooms regularly.


You can get vaccinates at doctor's offices. You can find a list of doctor's offices here that offer the vaccination.

Vaccination side effects can be reported here.

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