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Corona Virus – Relevant information (as of June 6, 2020) for all scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

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Regulations from the Max Planck Society:

  • Every confirmed case of Covid-19 has to be reported to or 0228-402-273. Please also inform us if you have suspicious symptoms, so that we can quickly trace your contacts.
  • There can be no lectures or seminars running live at MPIM.


Recommendations from us and the Max Planck Society:

  • Work from your home office as much as possible, keep your visits to MPIM brief,
  • do not stay in a small office (or one without windows) with multiple people,
  • participate in virtual meetings and seminars,
  • avoid professional travel,
  • wash your hands, 
  • keep at least a 1.5m distance,
  • ventilate the rooms regularly.

If you meet in person, we strongly encourage you to meet outside. In case you meet for a brief discussion at the institute, wear masks and meet in a wide and well-ventilated area, such as the blackboards in the tea area.

We all hope that normal life (at MPIM and elsewhere) can resume soon.

Gerd Faltings, Peter Scholze and Peter Teichner


Further information from our staff:

  • The reception and IT at MPIM will be staffed as usual.
  • The library is open and staffed Wednesdays. Please disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the library.
  • Our staff will work mostly from home but will be still available by e-mail and for urgent questions in person at MPIM on Wednesdays.
  • The daily tea will not take place until further notice.

We ask you to make responsible decisions for you and other people to help slow down the infection rate. We wish you good health and a positive mindset. We thank you for your understanding and will keep you updated about the situation. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.


Invited guests

Information for invited guests with a starting date in July, August, September and October 2020.

You are still welcome to start your research stay at the institute as planned, but please be aware that you have to be in quarantine in your apartment for two weeks, if you arrive from outside the EU.

Unfortunately, we cannot postpone the beginning of your visit, since our office space is already fully booked. However, you can shorten your visit if needed. You can also choose the option to reapply through our online application system (no new recommendation letters are needed in this case).

If you have already booked an accommodation and you plan to cancel your stay, please contact the landlord immediately to cancel the rental contract (to avoid costs) and try to find a solution for both sides.

If you have not yet booked a flight or accommodation, please wait before doing so and book only at short notice. We do not know how the situation will change and can only recommend not to book anything yet. If you have booked your flight already, check this link to rebook or cancel for free.

Please be so kind and inform us about your plans by e-mail.


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