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Online: A geometric description of Reidemeister-Turaev Torsion

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Tatsuro Shimizu
RIMS, Kyoto University
Mon, 13/07/2020 - 15:00 - 16:00
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MPIM Topology Seminar

Zoom meeting ID: 919-9946-8404
Password: see email announcement or contact the seminar organisers:
Tobias Barthel (barthel.tobi[at]
David Gay (dgay[at]
Arunima Ray (aruray[at]


Reidemeister-Turaev torsion is an invariant of a 3-manifold with an Euler structure.
An Euler structure is a homotopy class of non-vanishing vector fields on the manifold.
In this talk we give a geometric description of Reidemeister-Turaev Torsion by using
the two point configuration space of the 3-manifold. In this description, an Euler structure
is understood as a framing of the diagonal of the configuration space. This description is deeply related to the Chern-Simons perturbation theory.

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