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Health insurance, medical services and doctors

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Health insurance

You and any family members travelling with you will need adequate health insurance for the whole of your stay as a visiting researcher.

The health insurance must cover medical treatment for acute illness and accidents in Germany and return travel to your home country for medical reasons. Potential treatments and costs arising from pre-existing conditions in Germany are not included in health insurance taken out here.

If you require a visa to enter Germany, you will be asked, when you apply at the German agency abroad, for appropriate, adequate health insurance.

Please check before you travel to/from Germany whether your current health insurance is adequate for the period of your residence as a visiting researcher in Germany. If you do not have adequate health insurance, please contact the Institute's personnel administration (Ms Silke Nimé).

The Max Planck Society has arranged framework contracts with private health insurers, which are set up especially for the needs of visiting researchers/grantees. Some of the health insurance arrangements also contain private liability insurance.

If you (and your family) have voluntary or mandatory insurance in your own EU country, you can claim health services in the EU country abroad and be reimbursed the costs by your medical insurance company in your own country.

However, if you claim hospital services, you must obtain prior approval from your medical insurance company. This may only be refused if the same treatment or treatment that is just as effective for the insured person based on the general level of medical knowledge can be provided in time at a hospital in your own country.

To facilitate treatment during your stay as a visiting researcher, your legal medical insurance company is obliged to issue you with a European health insurance card.

The European health insurance card, however, has limited validity:

  • only for temporary residence abroad,
  • only for necessary medical services,
  • not for specific journeys for treatment abroad and
  • not for costs of return travel due to illness. We recommend that you also take out insurance to cover these costs.

In the event of a longer residence as a visiting researcher for a period of more than six months, the medical insurance company in your home country will issue form E 106 on application. With form E 106, you yourself and members of your family can register with a German medical insurance company. Through the German medical insurance company, you will then receive all the services to which a member of a German medical insurance company is entitled. The German medical insurance company will then charge its costs to your medical insurance company in your own country.

Medical services and doctors

You can find addresses of doctors and hospitals through the Bonn City Council health portal.

There you can search for a doctor near you, for example by specialism and foreign language skills, via a database of doctors.

The health guide for migrants gives a further overview of doctors in Bonn who can provide advice in your native language.


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