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"Euler, Riemann, Hirzebruch" - Special Talk by Sir Michael Atiyah on Friday, October 7

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On Friday, Oct. 7, at 3:30 p.m., Professor Michael Atiyah (University of Edinburgh) will give a talk on "Euler, Riemann, Hirzebruch" at the MPIM. Sir Michael Atiyah was a close friend of the MPI's founding director, Professor Friedrich Hirzebruch. The talk will be understandable also to a general audience.

Euler was the great magician who could conjure up beautiful formulae, and he was followed by Riemann who devised analytical methods to justify them. In the 20th century Hirzebruch was the magician who carried on their work with ideas which he and his colleagues developed in Bonn 50 years ago. In the 21st century we are rediscovering the power and beauty of these methods. I will discuss what can be found hidden in the mathematics of the past, a new kind of magic.

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