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Max Planck Research Group Leader Position

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We are an internationally leading research institute in the field of pure mathematics with about 700 guest scientists per year. We invite applications of outstanding mathematicians for a position as

Max Planck Research Group Leader

with a 5-year appointment at the level of Associate Professor (W2).

Candidates should have a PhD and several years of postdoctoral research experience in pure mathematics.

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics cooperates closely with the University of Bonn and is part of the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics. Teaching and advising is possible on a voluntary basis and is strongly encouraged. In addition, there is a path towards becoming a Bonn Junior Fellow (at MPIM) via a new arrangement with the University of Bonn.

In accordance with the policy of the Max Planck Society, handicapped persons are especially encouraged to apply. The Max Planck Society also seeks to increase the number of women in those areas where they are underrepresented, and we explicitly invite women to apply.

Applications should be submitted online by October 15, 2018 at

File Ausschreibung-Advanced_Researcher_2018.pdf42.36 KB

Application for the Guest Program and for PostDoc positions

PLEASE NOTE: In general it is best to apply about one year before the intended starting date of your stay. During June-July we are usually overbooked and hence have to be very strict with invitations for that period. So if possible try to apply outside summer.

The selection committee meets three times each year. The deadline for the next application round is November 16, 2018 (meaning that all required documents including the letters by the referees should have been uploaded by then). To apply for an invitation to the MPIM, please fill the application form carefully and provide us with all required attachments. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

You should have completed a PhD prior to the starting date of your intended visit, and your research interest should intersect with the main working areas of the MPIM.

Application for the IMPRS Moduli Spaces


Since 1st of December 2011 the IMPRS shares an online application
website with its partner Bonn International Graduate School Mathematics:

In addition to CV, statement of purpose, degrees and academic records,
proficiency in English and 2 letters of recommendation, which you should
submit at the online application website, we ask you for a copy of your
Bachelor's or Master's thesis if available (electronic version
prefered). Send this to:




Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics
P.O. Box 7280
D-53072 Bonn

Important Notes

  • Visa: Students from most countries outside the European Union will have to apply for a visa to study in Germany. For details, ask the nearst German Embassy or Consulate, advisably before you send the application. Usually you must submit a letter from us stating that you are accepted, and a proof of financial support (e.g. award of IMPRS scholarship).
  • The deadline for the summer term is December 15. The deadline for the winter term is May 15. Applications will be considered by a Committee. Expect an answer within four weeks after the deadline.


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