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How to install jsMath fonts

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Why bother?

This website is using the jsMath library to display mathematical content. Written in Javascript the library detects TeX and LaTeX expressions on a web page and renders them in the browser. The result will look much better, if the TeX fonts are installed on your system in a format usable by browsers. If the fonts are missing, mathematical symbols are displayed as small images, which take longer to load, cannot be scaled properly, and sometimes don't look as good as they should.

Installation on Linux

Download the attached package and unpack it with unzip or click on it in your file-browser. If you are the administrator of your computer, move the jsmath folder to your system-wide folder for TrueType fonts. Usually this is something like /usr/share/fonts/truetype. Otherwise create a folder .fonts in your home directory and move jsmath there. Finally change to the directory jsmath and run the command fc-cache -fv, which informs the system about the new fonts. Your browser should now display all mathematics in full beauty.

Installation on Apple OS X

For Mac OS X the procedure is similar: Download and open the attached package. Move the folder jsmath either to the folder Library/Fonts in your home directory, or to the system-wide fonts directory /Library/Fonts.The latter requires administrator priviledges. Your browser should find the new fonts immediately or after a restart.

Installation on Windows

Download and open the attached package. Move the fonts inside the jsmath folder to your Windows font directory c:\windows\fonts . After a restart of your browser jsMath should be fully functional.

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