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VIRTUAL (Zoom): Higher THH of Thom spectra: an approach via tensors, I

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Bruno Stonek (MPIM) and Gabriel Valenzuela (MPIM)
Mon, 2020-05-25 15:00 - 15:45
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MPIM Topology Seminar

This talk will be streamed live on this site. We will run a zoom meeting in parallel for people to ask questions; please join if you like to participate:

Zoom meeting ID: 919-9946-8404
Password: see email announcement or contact the seminar organisers:

Tobias Barthel (barthel.tobi[at]
David Gay (dgay[at]
Arunima Ray (aruray[at]

The topological Hochschild homology of a commutative ring spectrum R can be expressed as a tensor with a circle. More generally, one can tensor R with any space X. In this talk we will introduce this construction, then introduce the case where R is a Thom spectrum Mf of an E_infty map G\to Pic(R) from an E_\infty group. Then, we will give a formula for the tensor of Mf with X where X is based. The cornerstone is a careful analysis of the interaction between different tensors, e.g. over based or unbased spaces. We will explain how this result generalizes Mahowald's version of the Thom isomorphism theorem. Joint with Nima Rasekh.

You can visit to see the live stream which should also work with the Google Chrome browser


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