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A K-Theoretic Framework for Neutral Fermionic Topological Phases

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Luuk Stehouwer
Dalhousie University, CA
Don, 06/06/2024 - 12:00 - 13:30
MPIM Lecture Hall
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Physical Math Seminar

Freed and Moore's "Twisted Equivariant Matter" establishes a K-theory-based classification for free fermion symmetry-protected topological phases, building on the work of Kitaev. I present a generalization of their approach which does not assume the protecting symmetry group contains a $U(1)$. I will explain how the tenfold way arises using Wall's classification of $\mathbb{Z}_2$-graded division algebras. If time permits, I will explain how it relates to the tenfold way one can find in Freed-Moore, originally due to Ryu-Schnyder-Furusaki-Ludwig.

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