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Workshop on "Combinatorics, Resurgence and Algebraic Geometry in Quantum Field Theory"

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Christian Blohmann, Michael Borinsky, Ralph Kaufmann, Dirk Kreimer, David Prinz, Karen Yeats
Mon, 19/08/2024 - 09:00 - Fre, 23/08/2024 - 15:00
MPIM Lecture Hall

Workshop on "Combinatorics, Resurgence and Algebraic Geometry in Quantum Field Theory", August 19 - 23, 2024

The study of perturbative quantum field theory has shown a surprising need for the latest advances in algebraic geometry and combinatorics. The field also incorporates the very actively developed theory of resurgence, which has promising potential for applications to both topology and quantum field theory.

This workshop aims to advance this field by bringing together top experts. The goal is to foster discussions on recent results, encourage collaboration, generate new ideas, explore the connections in perturbative quantum field theory, and offer a platform for junior researchers.

This workshop consists of a fixed list of participants. It is not possible to register.


Paul-Hermann Balduf (University of Waterloo)
David Broadhurst (Open University)
Francis Brown (University of Oxford)
Claude Duhr (University of Bonn)
Gerald Dunne (University of Connecticut)
Stavros Garoufalidis (SUSTECH, Shenzhen/MPIM Bonn)
Lukas Kühne (Universität Bielefeld)
Martin Markl (The Czech Academy of Sciences)
Leonid Monin (University of Toronto)
Jovana Obradovic (Serbian Acadademy of Sciences and Art)
Erik Panzer (University of Oxford)
David Prinz (MPIM Bonn)
Maria Ronco (Universidad de Talca)
Oliver Schnetz (Universität Hamburg)
Bernd Sturmfels (MPI für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften)
Peter Teichner (MPIM Bonn)
Karen Vogtmann (University of Warwick)


Christian Blohmann (MPIM Bonn)
Michael Borinsky (ETH Zurich)
Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue University)
Dirk Kreimer (HU Berlin)
David Prinz (MPIM Bonn)
Karen Yeats (University of Waterloo)



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