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Equal opportunities

Local Equal Opportunity Officers:

Dr. Arunima Ray (Equal opportunity officer)
Phone:  402-360

Andrea Kohlhuber (Deputy)
Phone:  402-243

Our goal at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics is to support all our employees regardless of age, disability, gender or sexual identity, cultural background, nationality, or religion.

We commit ourselves to establishing a diverse guest population and to maintaining  a culture respectful to all. Only when every member of the community feels empowered to realize their full potential can we be truly committed to the pursuit of excellence. We recognize that it is our responsibility to work towards removing gender-specific barriers within mathematics and promoting the inclusion and retention of members of currently under-represented groups at all levels.

Further information concerning the equal opportunities measures of the Max Planck Society can be found here.

If you have any questions concerning family service and/or child care, please contact Gianna Vogeno (

Policy against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence
Code of conduct, Max Planck Society

If you experience any harassment at the MPIM, we encourage you to contact the local Equal Opportunity Officers at .




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