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Conference on Arithmetic and Automorphic Forms on the occasion of Günter Harder's 80th birthday, March 12 - 14, 2018

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W.Ballmann, M.Rapoport, and J. Schwermer
Mon, 2018-03-12 08:00 - Wed, 2018-03-14 20:00
MPIM Lecture Hall


Conference on

Arithmetic and Automorphic Forms

on the occasion of Günter Harder's 80th birthday

March 12 - 14, 2018

Scientific Committee

Werner Ballmann, Michael Rapoport, and Joachim Schwermer

Local Organizer

Werner Ballmann and Christian Blohmann


Kai Behrend (U British Columbia)
Spencer Bloch (U Chicago)
Gaetan Chenevier (U Paris-Sud, Orsay)
Mark Goresky (IAS Princeton)
Tasho Kaletha (U Michigan)
Stephen S. Kudla (U Toronto)
Richard Pink (ETH Zürich)
Anantharam Raghuram (IISER Pune)
Andrei Rapinchuk (U Virginia)
Peter Scholze (U Bonn)
Carlos Simpson (U Nice)
Gerard van der Geer (U Amsterdam)

Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine XI, March 8-9, 2018

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Christian Blohmann, Marius Crainic, Ioan Marcut, Ieke Moerdijk, Steffen Sagave
Thu, 2018-03-08 13:45 - Fri, 2018-03-09 17:00
MPIM Lecture Hall

This is the eleventh of a series of  short workshops jointly organized by the Geometry/Topology groups in Bonn, Nijmegen, and Utrecht, all situated along the Lower Rhine. The focus lies on the development and application of new structures in geometry and topology such as Lie groupoids, differentiable stacks, Lie algebroids, generalized complex geometry, topological quantum fi eld theories, higher categories, homotopy algebraic structures, higher operads, derived categories, and related topics.

Call for nominations for the position of Director of Max Planck institutes

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The Max Planck Society and its institutes are seeking nominations for the position of


for various research fields including mathematics. The call can be found here. The deadline is April 30, 2018 but later nominations may also be considered.

New Horizons in Mathematics Prize for Maryna Viazovska

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Marina Viazovska is a recipient of one of the New Horizons in Mathematics Prizes 2018 "for the remarkable application of the theory of modular forms to the sphere packing problem in special dimensions." Maryna was a doctoral student of Don Zagier in the MPIM graduate school from 2008-2012. She obtained her PhD from the University of Bonn in 2013.
The New Horizons in Mathematics Prize is an annual prize for junior researchers who have already produced important work. It consists of a monetary award of $100,000. The prize was established in 2016 and is funded by Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner. The awards were announced together with the Breakthrough Prizes 2018 on December 3, 2017 at a gala ceremony in Silicon Valley hosted by Morgan Freeman.

Maryna Viazovska Awarded 2017 Ramanujan Prize

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Maryna Viazovska, who conducted her doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics from 2008-2012 under the guidance of Don Zagier, was awarded the Ramanujan Prize for 2017. Professor Viazovska is honored “for her stunning solution in dimension 8 of the celebrated sphere packing problem, and for her equally impressive joint work with Henry Cohn, Abhinav Kumar, Stephen D. Miller and Danylo Radchenko resolving the sphere packing problem in dimension 24, by building upon her fundamental ideas in dimension 8.” The prize also recognizes her outstanding PhD thesis of 2013 at the University of Bonn in which she resolved significant cases of the Gross-Zagier Conjecture and her work prior to her PhD with A. Bodarenko and D. Radchenko resolving a long-standing conjecture of Korevaar and Meyers on spherical designs, that appeared in the Annals of Mathematics in 2013. The prize notes that the modular forms techniques developed by Viazovska will have a significant future impact in discrete geometry, analytic number theory, and harmonic analysis. It was awarded on December 22 (Ramanujan's birthday), 2017 at the International Conference on Number Theory at SASTRA University in Kumbakonam, India, Ramanujan’s hometown.

MPIM Postdocs to Receive Prestigeous Award in Chinese Thousand Talents Program

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Di Yang (MPIM visitor from 09/2016 - 08/2018) and  Xuanyu Pan (MPIM visitor from 10/2016 - 09/2017) were each awarded one of the coveted and highly competitive awards from the Thousand Talents Program of the Chinese government. The award consists of a faculty position and funding up to 3 million RMB usually complemented by additional funds from the host university. Di Yang will be based at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei. Xuanyu Pan will be based at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

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