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International Congress of Mathematicians 2018: Many Invited Speakers with Ties to MPIM

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A number of mathematicians who have held positions, were long-term visitors, or PhD students at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics are invited to present their work at the next International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), which will take place on August 1-9, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. Most notably, the newly appointed MPIM director Peter Scholze and Geordie Williamson, who has been Advanced Researcher at MPIM from 2011-2016, are both invited plenary speakers. Further invited speakers with ties to MPIM include:

Peter Scholze new director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

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Peter Scholze is a new director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics. The 30-year old is one of the leading researchers in the field of Arithmetic Geometry. His achievements have already been recognized by a number of prizes and honors. Among others: a Clay Fellowship, the Prix Peccot of the Collège de France, the Clay Research Award, the Cole Prize for Algebra of the American Mathematical Society, the EMS Prize of the European Mathematical Society, the Leibniz Prize of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, and the membership in four prestigious scientific academies.

Tag der offenen Tür - Max-Planck-Tag am 14. September 2018

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Fri, 2018-09-14 10:00 - 18:00

Was Sie einen Mathematiker/eine Mathematikerin schon immer fragen wollten - tun Sie es am Tag der offenen Tür am Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik! Lernen Sie unser Institut kennen und erfahren Sie, aus welchen Ländern die Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen unseres Gästeprogramms kommen. Tauchen Sie bei einem virtuellen Rundgang in M. C. Eschers Bilder ein und versuchen Sie Ihr Glück bei einem Mathequiz. Lernen Sie, wie man Sudokus und den Zauberwürfel in null Komma nichts löst, und sehen Sie, was ein 3D-Drucker alles kann. Lassen Sie sich von einem Mathe-Magier verzaubern und finden Sie heraus, woran unsere preisgekrönten Mathe-Genies gerade arbeiten.

Geordie Willamson elected Fellow of the Royal Society

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Geordie Williamson, who has been Advanced Researcher at MPIM from 2011-2016, will be the youngest scientist ever to become a member of the Royal Society.

Geordie Williamson works in Representation Theory. He has made several fundamental contributions to the field including his proof (with Ben Elias) of the Kazhdan-Lusztig positivity conjecture, his algebraic proof of the Jantzen conjectures, and his discovery of counter-examples to the Lusztig conjecture in modular representation theory.

MPIM at play: Public piano recital by Joseph Najnudel on June 13th

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Wed, 2018-06-13 17:30 - 19:00
MPIM Lecture Hall

Joseph Najnudel, mathematician and accomplished pianist, will give a public piano recital on June 13th, beginning at 17:30h in the MPIM lecture hall. Everybody and their families are cordially invited. The concert is free of charge.

New Horizons in Mathematics Prize for Maryna Viazovska

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Marina Viazovska is a recipient of one of the New Horizons in Mathematics Prizes 2018 "for the remarkable application of the theory of modular forms to the sphere packing problem in special dimensions." Maryna was a doctoral student of Don Zagier in the MPIM graduate school from 2008-2012. She obtained her PhD from the University of Bonn in 2013.
The New Horizons in Mathematics Prize is an annual prize for junior researchers who have already produced important work. It consists of a monetary award of $100,000. The prize was established in 2016 and is funded by Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner. The awards were announced together with the Breakthrough Prizes 2018 on December 3, 2017 at a gala ceremony in Silicon Valley hosted by Morgan Freeman.

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