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VIRTUAL (Zoom): Some applications of Heegaard Floer homology to links in the three-sphere

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Beibei Liu
Mon, 2020-05-18 15:00 - 16:00
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MPIM Topology Seminar

Zoom meeting ID: 919-9946-8404
Password: see email announcement or contact the seminar organisers:
Tobias Barthel (barthel.tobi[at]
David Gay (dgay[at]
Arunima Ray (aruray[at]

The Heegaard Floer homology introduced by Ozsvath and Szabo provides a lot of link invariants to study links in the three-sphere and its surgery manifolds. In this talk, we will talk about some applications of the Heegaard Floer homology  such as determining the Thurston norm, genus bounds for links. Furthermore, we will concentrate on a family of ``simple” links in terms of Heegaard Floer homology which are called L-space links, and  give some interesting link detection results.

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