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Maryna Viazovska External Member of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Maryna Viazovska, full professor and Chair of Number Theory at the Institute of Mathematics of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, has joined the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics as external scientific member. She was PhD student of Don Zagier from 2008-2012 and obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Bonn. Since then, she has returned to the institute regularly as a visitor and speaker. We are happy that Maryna will now play an even more active role in the research community and the development of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics.

Maryna Viazovska was born in Kiev in Ukraine in 1984. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 2005 from Kiev National University and a Master's degree in 2007 from the University of Kaiserslautern. She was a doctoral student of Don Zagier in the MPIM graduate school from 2008-2012, working on modular forms. In 2013 she received her PhD from the University of Bonn. After a postdoctoral position at the Humboldt University in Berlin she joined the faculty of the École Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, where she became full professor in 2018. Maryna Viazovska has received a number of distinctions for her work: In 2016 the Salem Prize, in 2017 the Clay Research Award and the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize. She was awarded a 2018 New Horizons Prize in Mathematics and was an invited speaker at the 2018 International Congress of Mathematicians. In 2019 she received the Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics and the Fermat Prize, in 2020 the EMS Prize and the National Latsis Prize awarded by the Latsis Foundation. She was elected to the Academia Europaea in 2021 and appointed Senior Scholar at the Clay Mathematics Institute in July 2022. In 2022, she was awarded the Fields Medal.

Video portrait of Maryna Viazovska

Photo credit: EPFL/Fred Merz

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