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202146Alexandru Ciolan; Alessandro Languasco; Pieter MoreeLandau and Ramanujan approximations for divisor sums and coefficients of cusp formsmpim-preprint_2021-46.pdf
202145Natalia Iyudu; Stanislav ShkarinWhich Hilbert series are possible?mpim-preprint_2021-45.pdf
202144Gianluca Faraco; Subhojoy GuptaMonodromy of Schwarzian equations with regular singularitiesmpim-preprint_2021-44.pdf
202143Georgios Kydonakis; Hao Sun; Lutian ZhaoTame parahoric Higgs bundles for a complex reductive groupmpim-preprint_2021-43.pdf
202142-aReinier KramerKP hierarchy for Hurwitz-type cohomological field theoriesmpim-preprint_2021-42a.pdf
202142Reinier KramerKP hierarchy for Hurwitz-type cohomological field theoriesmpim-preprint_2021-42.pdf
202141Jean Pierre MutanguhaConstructing stable imagesmpim-preprint_2021-41.pdf
202140Alexander Fel'shtyn; Evgenij TroitskyPólya-Carlson dichotomy for dynamical zeta functions and twisted Burnside-Frobenius theoremmpim-preprint_2021-40.pdf
202139Pierre-Yves Bienvenu; Xuancheng Shao; Joni TeräväinenA transference principle for systems of linear equations, and applications to almost twin primesmpim-preprint_2021-39.pdf
202138Vladimir Fock; Valdo Tatitscheff; Alexander ThomasTopological quantum field theories from Hecke algebrasmpim-preprint_2021-38.pdf
202137Artem Dudko; Rostislav GrigorchukOn spectral properties of the Schreier graphs of the Thompson group $F$mpim-preprint_2021-37.pdf
202136George Kenison; Oleksiy Klurman; Engel Lefaucheux; Florian Luca; Pieter Moree; Joël Ouaknine; Markus A. Whiteland; James WorrellOn positivity and minimality for second-order holonomic sequencesmpim-preprint_2021-36.pdf
202135Oleksiy Klurman; Alexander P. Mangerel; Joni TeräväinenCorrelations of multiplicative functions in function fieldsmpim-preprint_2021-35.pdf
202134Oleksiy Klurman; Alexander P. Mangerel; Cosmin Pohoata; Joni TeräväinenMultiplicative functions that are close to their meanmpim-preprint_2021-34.pdf
202133Oleksiy Klurman; Alexander P. Mangerel; Joni TeräväinenMultiplicative functions in short arithmetic progressionsmpim-preprint_2021-33.pdf
202132Oleksiy Klurman; Andrea SartoriOn the behavior of nodal lines near the boundary for Laplace eigenfunctions on the squarempim-preprint_2021-32.pdf
202131Carolina Araujo; Ana-Maria Castravet; Ivan Cheltsov; Kento Fujita; Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros; Jesus Martinez-Garcia; Constantin Shramov; Hendrik Süss; Nivedita ViswanathanThe Calabi Problem for Fano threefoldsmpim-preprint_2021-31.pdf
202130Werner Ballmann; Panagiotis PolymerakisSmall eigenvalues of Schrödinger operators over geometrically finite manifoldsmpim-preprint_2021-30.pdf
202129Zhizhong HuangApproximation diophantienne et distribution locale sur une surface torique, IImpim-preprint_2021-29.pdf
202128Yang Cao; Zhizhong HuangArithmetic purity of strong approximation for semisimple simply connected groupsmpim-preprint_2021-28.pdf
202127Yang Cao; Zhizhong HuangArithmetic purity of the Hardy-Littlewood property and geometric sieve for affine quadricsmpim-preprint_2021-27.pdf
202126Marco D'AddezioParabolicity conjecture of $F$-isocrystalsmpim-preprint_2021-26.pdf
202125Panagiotis PolymerakisOn the Steklov spectrum of covering spaces and total spacesmpim-preprint_2021-25.pdf
202124Tim de Laat; Safoura ZadehWeak*-continuity of invariant means on spaces of matrix coefficientsmpim-preprint_2021-24.pdf
202123Alexei PantchichkineNew approaches to constructing $p$-adic $L$-functions on classical groups, algebraic differential operators, and BGGmpim-preprint_2021-23.pdf
202122Alexei PantchichkineAlgebraic differential operators on unitary groups and their applicationsmpim-preprint_2021-22.pdf
202121Shabarish Chenakkod; Gianluca Faraco; Subhojoy GuptaTranslation surfaces and periods of meromorphic differentialsmpim-preprint_2021-21.pdf
202120Laertis Vaso$n$-cluster tilting subcategories for radical square zero algebrasmpim-preprint_2021-20.pdf
202119Elie Casbi; Jian-Rong LiEquivariant multiplicities via representations of quantum affine algebrasmpim-preprint_2021-19.pdf
202118Sergey Finashin; Viatcheslav KharlamovCombined count of real rational curves of canonical degree 2 on real del Pezzo surfaces with $K^2=1$mpim-preprint_2021-18.pdf
202117Georgios KydonakisFrom hyperbolic Dehn filling to surgeries in representation varietiesmpim-preprint_2021-17.pdf
202116T. N. VenkataramanaCentralitympim-preprint_2021-16.pdf
202115G. Pacelli Bessa; Vincent Gimeno; Panagiotis PolymerakisThe spectrum of the Laplacian and volume growth of proper minimal submanifoldsmpim-preprint_2021-15.pdf
202114Alessandro Giacchetto; Reinier Kramer; Danilo LewanskiA new spin on Hurwitz theory and ELSV via theta characteristicsmpim-preprint_2021-14.pdf
202113Yohann Bouilly; Gianluca FaracoModular orbits on the representation spaces of compact abelian Lie groupsmpim-preprint_2021-13.pdf
202112Alexander ThomasGeneralized punctual Hilbert schemes and $\mathfrak{g}$-complex structuresmpim-preprint_2021-12.pdf
202111Gaëtan Borot; Vincent Bouchard; Nitin K. Chidambaram; Thomas CreutzigWhittaker vectors for $\mathcal{W}$-algebras from topological recursionmpim-preprint_2021-11.pdf
202110Johannes SchäferAsymptotically cylindrical steady Kähler-Ricci solitonsmpim-preprint_2021-10.pdf
20219Werner Ballmann; Panagiotis PolymerakisOn the essential spectrum of differential operators over geometrically finite orbifoldsmpim-preprint_2021-9.pdf
20218Alexander Fel'shtyn; Benjamin KlopschPólya-Carlson dichotomy for coincidence Reidemeister zeta functions via profinite completionsmpim-preprint_2021-8.pdf
20217David T. GayDiffeomorphisms of the 4-sphere, Cerf theory and Montesinos twinsmpim-preprint_2021-7.pdf
20216Alessio Borzì; Andrés Herrera-Poyatos; Pieter MoreeCyclotomic numerical semigroup polynomials with few irreducible factorsmpim-preprint_2021-6.pdf
20215Alexandru Ciolan; Pedro A. García-Sánchez; Andrés Herrera-Poyatos; Pieter MoreeCyclotomic exponent sequences of numerical semigroupsmpim-preprint_2021-5.pdf
20214Alexandru CiolanInequalities between overpartition ranks for all modulimpim-preprint_2021-4.pdf
20213Alexandru CiolanEquidistribution and inequalities for partitions into powersmpim-preprint_2021-3.pdf
20212Marco D'AddezioSlopes of $F$-isocrystals over abelian varietiesmpim-preprint_2021-2.pdf
20211René Marczinzik; Laertis VasoExistence of a 2-cluster tilting module does not imply finite complexitympim-preprint_2021-1.pdf
202065Marco D'Addezio; Hélène EsnaultOn the universal extensions in Tannakian categoriesmpim-2020-65.pdf
202064Subhajit JanaSecond moment of $\mathrm{GL}(n) \times \mathrm{GL}(n)$ Rankin-Selberg $L$-functionspreprint_2020_64.pdf
202063Pierre Lairez; Emre Can SertözSepararation of periods of quartic surfacespreprint_2020_63.pdf
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