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202113Yohann Bouilly; Gianluca FaracoModular orbits on the representation spaces of compact abelian Lie groupsmpim-preprint_2021-13.pdf
202112Alexander ThomasGeneralized punctual Hilbert schemes and $\mathfrak{g}$-complex structuresmpim-preprint_2021-12.pdf
202111Gaëtan Borot; Vincent Bouchard; Nitin K. Chidambaram; Thomas CreutzigWhittaker vectors for $\mathcal{W}$-algebras from topological recursionmpim-preprint_2021-11.pdf
202110Johannes SchäferAsymptotically cylindrical steady Kähler-Ricci solitonsmpim-preprint_2021-10.pdf
20219Werner Ballmann; Panagiotis PolymerakisOn the essential spectrum of differential operators over geometrically finite orbifoldsmpim-preprint_2021-9.pdf
20218Alexander Fel'shtyn; Benjamin KlopschPólya-Carlson dichotomy for coincidence Reidemeister zeta functions via profinite completionsmpim-preprint_2021-8.pdf
20217David T. GayDiffeomorphisms of the 4-sphere, Cerf theory and Montesinos twinsmpim-preprint_2021-7.pdf
20216Alessio Borzì; Andrés Herrera-Poyatos; Pieter MoreeCyclotomic numerical semigroup polynomials with few irreducible factorsmpim-preprint_2021-6.pdf
20215Alexandru Ciolan; Pedro A. García-Sánchez; Andrés Herrera-Poyatos; Pieter MoreeCyclotomic exponent sequences of numerical semigroupsmpim-preprint_2021-5.pdf
20214Alexandru CiolanInequalities between overpartition ranks for all modulimpim-preprint_2021-4.pdf
20213Alexandru CiolanEquidistribution and inequalities for partitions into powersmpim-preprint_2021-3.pdf
20212Marco D'AddezioSlopes of $F$-isocrystals over abelian varietiesmpim-preprint_2021-2.pdf
20211René Marczinzik; Laertis VasoExistence of a 2-cluster tilting module does not imply finite complexitympim-preprint_2021-1.pdf
202065Marco D'Addezio; Hélène EsnaultOn the universal extensions in Tannakian categoriesmpim-2020-65.pdf
202064Subhajit JanaSecond moment of $\mathrm{GL}(n) \times \mathrm{GL}(n)$ Rankin-Selberg $L$-functionspreprint_2020_64.pdf
202063Pierre Lairez; Emre Can SertözSepararation of periods of quartic surfacespreprint_2020_63.pdf
202062Werner Ballmann; Panagiotis PolymerakisOn the differential form spectrum of geometrically finite orbifoldspreprint_2020_62.pdf
202061Rostislav DevyatovAn estimate of canonical dimension of groups based on Schubert calculuspreprint_2020_61.pdf
202060Eric Finster; David Reutter; Jamie VicaryA type theory for strictly unital $\infty$-categoriespreprint_2020_60.pdf
202059Corey Jones; David Penneys; David ReutterA 3-categorical perspective on $G$-crossed braided categoriespreprint_2020_59.pdf
202058David ReutterSemisimple 4-dimensional topological field theories cannot detect exotic smooth structurepreprint_2020_58.pdf
202057Naser Talebizadeh Sardari; Masoud ZargarNew upper bounds for spherical codes and packingspreprint_2020_57.pdf
202056Marc Besson; Jiuzu HongSmooth locus of twisted affine Schubert varieties and twisted affine Demazure modulespreprint_2020_56.pdf
202055Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen; Gaëtan Borot; Séverin Charbonnier; Alessandro Giacchetto; Danilo Lewanski; Campbell WheelerOn the Kontsevich geometry of the combinatorial Teichmüller spacepreprint_2020_55.pdf
202054Graham HawkesCombinatorics of double Grothendieck polynomialspreprint_2020_54.pdf
202053Karin Melnick; Vincent PecastaingThe conformal group of a compact simply connected Lorentzian manifoldpreprint_2020_53.pdf
202052Gaëtan Borot; Reinier Kramer; Yannik SchülerHigher Airy structures and topological recursion for singular spectral curvespreprint_2020_52.pdf
202051Jens Niklas Eberhardt; Oliver Lorscheid; Matthew B. YoungAlgebraic $K$-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of monoid schemespreprint_2020_51.pdf
202050Jens Niklas Eberhardt; Oliver Lorscheid; Matthew B. YoungGroup completion in the $K$-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of proto-exact categoriespreprint_2020_50.pdf
202049Christian Le Merdy; Safoura ZadehSurjective separating maps on noncommutative $L^p$-spacespreprint_2020_49.pdf
202048Joachim SchwermerNon-vanishing square-integrable automorphic cohomology classes - the case $GL(2)$ over a central division algebrapreprint_2020_48.pdf
202047Neven Grbac; Joachim SchwermerEisenstein series for rank one unitary groups and some cohomological applicationspreprint_2020_47.pdf
202046Joachim SchwermerEisenstein series and the top degree cohomology of arithmetic subgroups of $SL_n/\mathbb{Q}$mpim-2020-46.pdf
202045Haowu Wang; Brandon WilliamsProjective spaces as orthogonal modular varietiespreprint_2020_45.pdf
202044Haowu WangWeyl invariant Jacobi forms: a new approachpreprint_2020_44.pdf
202043Christian Le Merdy; Safoura ZadehOn factorization of separating maps on noncommutative $L^p$-spacespreprint_2020_43.pdf
202042Jonathan David Evans; Mirko MauriConstructing local models for Lagrangian torus fibrationspreprint_2020_42.pdf
202041Winston Heap; Kannan SoundararajanLower bounds for moments of zeta and $L$-functions revisitedpreprint_2020_41.pdf
202040Marco Aymone; Winston Heap; Jing ZhaoPartial sums of random multiplicative functions and extreme values of a model for the Riemann zeta functionpreprint_2020_40.pdf
202039Graham HawkesCrystal structures for double Stanley symmetric functionspreprint_2020_39.pdf
202038Renee S. Hoekzema; Mona Merling; Laura Murray; Carmen Rovi; Julia SemikinaCut and paste invariants of manifolds via algebraic $K$-theorypreprint_2020_38.pdf
202037Renee S. HoekzemaOrientability of high-dimensional manifolds with odd Euler characteristicpreprint_2020_37.pdf
202036Michael E. HoffmanYamamoto's formalism for iterated integrals and multiple zeta-star valuespreprint_2020_36.pdf
202035Xing GuSome torsion classes in the Chow ring and cohomology of $BPGL_n$preprint_2020_35.pdf
202034Moritz Dittmann; Haowu WangTheta blocks related to root systemspreprint_2020_34.pdf
202033Stephanie Chan; Christine McMeekin; Djordjo MilovicA density of ramified primespreprint_2020_33.pdf
202032Oscar F. Bandtlow; Anke D. Pohl; Torben Schick; Alexander WeisseNumerical resonances for Schottky surfaces via Lagrange-Chebyshev approximationpreprint_2020_32.pdf
202031Uwe Semmelmann; Changliang Wang; M. Y.-K. WangOn the linear stability of nearly Kähler 6-manifoldspreprint_2020_31.pdf
202030Haowu WangThe classification of free algebras of orthogonal modular formspreprint_2020_30.pdf
202029Dawei Chen; Martin Möller; Adrien SauvagetMasur-Veech volumes and intersection theory: The principal strata of quadratic differentials (with an appendix by G. Borot, A. Giacchetto, D. Lewanski)preprint_2020_29.pdf
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