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202244Casey Blacker; Antonio Michele Miti; Leonid RyvkinReduction of $L_\infty$-algebras of observables on multisymplectic manifoldsmpim-preprint_2022-44.pdf
202243Sarah DijolsParabolically induced representations of $p$-adic $G_2$ distinguished by $\mathrm{SO}_4$ Impim-preprint_2022-43.pdf
202242Lyne Moser; Viktoriya Ozornova; Martina RovelliModel independence of $(\infty,2)$-categorical nervesmpim-preprint_2022-42.pdf
202241Ursula LudwigBismut-Zhang theorem and anomaly formula for the Ray-Singer metric for spaces with isolated conical singularitiesmpim-preprint_2022-41.pdf
202240Nikita A. KarpenkoEnvelopes and classifying spacesmpim-preprint_2022-40.pdf
202239Philip Hackney; Viktoriya Ozornova; Emily Riehl; Martina RovelliPushouts of Dwyer maps are $(\infty,1)$ categoricalmpim-preprint_2022-39.pdf
202238Renjie Feng; Gang Tian; Dongyi Wei; Dong YaoPrincipal minors of Gaussian orthogonal ensemblempim-preprint_2022-38.pdf
202237Vladimir Dotsenko; Ualbai UmirbaevAn effective criterion for Nielsen-Schreier varietiesmpim-preprint_2022-37.pdf
202236Aleksandar Milivojevic; Scott O. WilsonInvariant Dolbeault cohomology for homogeneous almost complex manifoldsmpim-preprint_2022-36.pdf
202235Yuriy G. ZarhinIsogeny classes and endomorphism algebras of abelian varieties over finite fieldsmpim-preprint_2022-35.pdf
202234Anastasia Doikou; Alexandros Ghionis; Bart VlaarQuasi-bialgebras from set-theoretic type solutions of the Yang-Baxter equationmpim-preprint_2022-34.pdf
202233Andrea Appel; Bart VlaarUniversal K-matrices for quantum Kac-Moody algebrasmpim-preprint_2022-33.pdf
202232Vidas Regelskis; Bart VlaarPseudo-symmetric pairs for Kac-Moody algebrasmpim-preprint_2022-32.pdf
202231Dimitri Ara; Andrea Gagna; Viktoriya Ozornova; Martina RovelliA categorical characterization of strong Steiner $\omega$-categoriesmpim-preprint_2022-31.pdf
202230Yuriy DrozdRepresentations and cohomologies of Kleinian 4-ringsmpim-preprint_2022-30.pdf
202229Yuri G. ZarhinNon-isogenous elliptic curves and hyperelliptic jacobians IImpim-preprint_2022-29.pdf
202228Ankush Goswami; Abhash Kumar Jha; Byungchan Kim; Robert OsburnAsymptotics and sign patterns for coefficients in expansions of Habiro elementsmpim-preprint_2022-28.pdf
202227Ian Gleason; João LourençoTubular neighborhoods of local modelsmpim-preprint_2022-27.pdf
202226Leonardo Ferrari; Alexander Kolpakov; Alan W. ReidInfinitely many arithmetic hyperbolic rational homology 3-spheres that bound geometricallympim-preprint_2022-26.pdf
202225Fabian Rupp; Christian ScharrerLi-Yau inequalities for the Helfrich functional and applicationsmpim-preprint_2022-25.pdf
202224Séverin Charbonnier; Nitin Kumar Chidambaram; Elba Garcia-Failde; Alessandro GiacchettoShifted Witten classes and topological recursionmpim-preprint_2022-24.pdf
202223Yuze Jiang; Larry Rolen; Michael WoodburyGeneralized Frobenius partitions, Motzkin paths, and Jacobi formsmpim-preprint_2022-23.pdf
202222Aleksandar Milivojevic; Jonas Stelzig; Leopold ZollerPoincaré dualization and formal dominationmpim-preprint_2022-22.pdf
202221Vladimir DotsenkoNilpotence, weak nilpotence, and the nil property in the nonassociative world: computations and conjecturesmpim-preprint_2022-21.pdf
202220John Alexander Cruz Morales; Jiefeng Liu; Yunhe Sheng$F$-algebroids and deformation quantization via pre-Lie algebroidsmpim-preprint_2022-20.pdf
202219Kevin Gomez; Joshua Males; Larry RolenThe second shifted difference of partitions and its applicationsmpim-preprint_2022-19.pdf
202218Kathrin Bringmann; Kevin Gomez; Larry Rolen; Zack TrippInfinite families of crank functions, Stanton-type conjectures, and unimodalitympim-preprint_2022-18.pdf
202217Joshua Males; Andreas Mono; Larry RolenPolar harmonic Maass forms and holomorphic projectionmpim-preprint_2022-17.pdf
202216Nikolaos Diamantis; Min Lee; Wissam Raji; Larry Rolen$L$-series of harmonic Maass forms and a summation formula for harmonic liftsmpim-preprint_2022-16.pdf
202215Nikolaos Diamantis; Larry Rolen$L$-values of harmonic Maass formsmpim-preprint_2022-15.pdf
202214Murray Bremner; Vladimir DotsenkoAssociator dependent algebras and Koszul dualitympim-preprint_2022-14.pdf
202213Henrik Bachmann; Jan-Willem M. van IttersumPartitions, multiple zeta values and the $q$-bracketmpim-preprint_2022-13.pdf
202212Jan-Willem M. van Ittersum; Giulio RuzzaQuantum KdV hierarchy and quasimodular formsmpim-preprint_2022-12.pdf
202211Leonid Makar-LimanovA conjecture on $D$ algebrasmpim-preprint_2022-11.pdf
202210Tilman Möller; Paul Müksch; Gerhard RöhrleOn formality and combinatorial formality for hyperplane arrangementsmpim-preprint_2022-10.pdf
20229Darren D. Long; Alan W. Reid; Maxime WolffMost Hitchin representations are strongly densempim-preprint_2022-9.pdf
20228Enno Keßler; Yuri I. Manin; Yingying WuModuli spaces of SUSY curves and their operadsmpim-preprint_2022-8.pdf
20227Aleksandar Milivojevic; Jonas StelzigBigraded notions of formality and Aeppli-Bott-Chern-Massey productsmpim-preprint_2022-7.pdf
20226Jiahao Hu; Aleksandar MilivojevicInfinite symmetric products of rational algebras and spacesmpim-preprint_2022-6.pdf
20225Tatiana Bandman; Yuri G. ZarhinSimple complex tori of algebraic dimension 0mpim-preprint_2022-5.pdf
20224Alexander ThomasDifferential operators on surfaces and rational WKB methodmpim-preprint_2022-4.pdf
20223Quentin GazdaOn the integral part of $A$-motivic cohomologympim-preprint_2022-3.pdf
20222Younes NikdelanA survey on modular vector fields and CY modular forms attached to Dwork familympim-preprint_2022-2.pdf
20221Leonid Makar-LimanovOn locally nilpotent derivations of Danielewski domainsmpim-preprint_2022-1.pdf
202152Alessandro Giacchetto; Danilo Lewanski; Paul NorburyAn intersection-theoretic proof of the Harer-Zagier formulampim-preprint_2021-52.pdf
202151Arvind Kumar; Moni Kumari; Pieter Moree; Sujeet Kumar SinghRamanujan-style congruences for prime levelmpim-preprint_2021-51.pdf
202150Pieter MoreePrime gaps and cyclotomic polynomialsmpim-preprint_2021-50.pdf
202149Gaëtan Borot; Séverin Charbonnier; Vincent Delecroix; Alessandro Giacchetto; Campbell WheelerAround the combinatorial unit ball of measured foliations on bordered surfacesmpim-preprint_2021-49.pdf
202148Panagiotis PolymerakisNormal covering spaces with maximal bottom of spectrummpim-preprint_2021-48.pdf
202147Werner Ballmann; Panagiotis PolymerakisBottom of spectra and coverings of orbifoldsmpim-preprint_2021-47.pdf
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