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General information and policies
The MPIM library mainly serves the needs of scientific staff and guests of the Institute. The library's book and journal collection reflect the working areas of institute.
The library currently has a print collection of 20 000 books and subscribes to 150 journals.
It is strictly forbidden to take any of the books or journals out of the building. You may, however, take them to your office.
If what you need is not held by the library, you can make an interlibrary loan request or suggest that we buy the title.

Contact information and library team
If you need help, you can find the librarian Anu Hirvonen in room 306 by the entrance of the library (in case of absence: Andrea Kohlhuber in room 220).
If you prefer, you can just send us an email or call me on
Tel. +49(0)228-402-252

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Online catalogue – Print & eBooks

MPG eBooks

Simple guide to how to use the OPAC      Finding your book in the library        How to find e-books     MPIM access to mathematical eBook series

Printed and electronic journals
Printed journals – current subscriptions and historical holdings
Electronic Journals
Newspapers in print: General Anzeiger, International New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung.
Online: International New York Times, Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung (FAZ) and many more through Press reader

Databases and e-resources
MathSciNet by AMS (remote access)         
Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH) 
Web of Science - scientific citation indexing service with a comprehensive citation search
Scopus - abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature
Other resources provided by Max Planck Digital Library
arXiv - Preprint server
To set up remote access contact IT-department   

MathSciNet Quickstart guide     MathSciNet: how to find the full-text

Open Access
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics actively endorse open access of research publications. Our guests benefit from central MPG-wide agreements, which cover the article processing charges (APCs) for MPIM-affiliated researchers. Guests can also make an application to cover their APCs from institute funds for Gold standard journals like Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. Ser. B.
Most journal publishers permit their authors self-archive their papers after a certain time (embargo). Self-archiving or green open access applies to mostly to preprints or postprints, and policies vary from publisher to publisher. Refer to publisher*s website or SHERPA/ROMEO for more detailed information.
For more information about the Open Access options available for MPIM-researchers contact the librarian.

Central MPG agreements       Journals covered by MPG agreements     Gold standard OA journals    

The library staff collect all publication data produced by the MPIM guests in the institutional repository PuRe of the Max Planck Society. The guests are expected to keep the library staff informed about any publications related to their stay. The publications are linked to the published version as well as to any preprint versions found. In case there is no MPIM-Priprint or any version available in arXiv, you will be contacted by the librarian.

Acknowledging MPIM


Hirzebruch Collection
A media archive that collects documents, images, videos, and other resources related to the work and life of the MPIM's founding director Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hirzebruch (1927-2012). As the project is still ongoing, contributions of original documents such as personal photographs or video recordings of talks are welcome.




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