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Arunima Ray appointed as Lise Meitner Group Leader

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Arunima Ray, advanced researcher at the MPIM, was chosen as one of the 20 Lise Meitner Group Leaders from a field of 470 candidates. Launched in 2018 by the Max Planck Society, the Lise Meitner Excellence Program is aimed at women scientists who, even at the beginning of their scientific career, already rank among the exceptional talents in their area of research. These women are to receive targeted support at a very early stage of their scientific career: a Lise Meitner Excellence Group will be endowed with a generous, internationally competitive budget for material and human resources, for example, as well as a W2 position for the later Group Leader. After a funding period of five years at the latest, the Lise Meitner Group Leaders will be offered the opportunity to participate in an internal Max Planck tenure track procedure. After a positive evaluation by a tenure commission, this will then result in a permanent W2 position with group leadership at a Max Planck Institute.

Arunima Ray works on low-dimensional topology, particularly knot theory and its applications towards 3- and 4-manifolds. More information can be found on her personal web page.

The official announcement of the new Lise Meitner Group Leaders from the Max Planck Society can be found here.





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