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MathSciNet– mathematical sciences database by AMS
Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH) -  pure and applied mathematics database
Web of Science - scientific citation indexing service with a comprehensive citation search
E-books by AMS, Springer and MPDL(Max Planck Society wide e-resources)
Remote access to e-resources

Title search available through MPIM OPAC (AMS & EMS) or MPG eBook catalogue
(see Listing below with links to indivual series sorted by publisher)

American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Memoirs of the AMS: 1950-
Colloquium Publications 1905-2016

CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics 1970-2018
Fields Institute Monographs 1993-2011

Graduate Studies in Mathematics: 1993 – 2018
Mathematical Surveys and Monographs:  1943 – 2018
Student Mathematical Library (Backfile): 1999 – 2014
University Lecture Series (Backfile): 1989 – 2018

AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics 1996-2012
Contemporary Mathematics: 1980-

Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics : 1959-2018

Banach Center
Banach Center Publications - proceedings of selected conferences and semesters

Cambridge University Press
Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics
Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics
Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series
New Mathematical Monographs


eBook collection: mathematics – Access to selected titles marked with green icon

European Mathematical Society
EMS eBooks 

Mathematical Society of Japan
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics

Princeton University Press
Annals of Mathematics Series: vol. 1-191

Société Mathématique de France (SMF)
Astérisque: 1973-
Open access (Numdam): 1973-2009

Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry
Encyclopaedia of Mathematics by Springer and EMS
Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1964-
Springer eBooks 1842-

Remote access to e-resources

MathSciNet mobile pairing
To activate the service use the "pair my device links" on the following information page while inside the MPI network:
This procedure will store a cookie in your browser that gives you access from any network for 90 days.  After that you will need to renew the "Pairing" from inside the MPI network.

For remote access to other e-resources, contact
IT-department. They need to install a VPN client to your laptop.


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