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Felix Klein Lectures 2011

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Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Mon, 2011-05-02 14:15 - Wed, 2011-05-18 15:15


Each year the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics invites distinguished mathematicians to present the Felix Klein Lecture.


This year

Graeme Segal from Oxford

is speaking on the

Three roles of quantum field theory

The MPI produced video recordings of the lectures, which can be watched and downloaded from our website.

Past Lectures

Karen Vogtmann (New York)
Automorphisms of free groups and outer space (May 25th - July 11th 2010)

Bernhard Keller (Paris)
Cluster algebras, cluster categories and periodicity (June 15th - July 18th 2009)

Gang Tian (Princeton University and Beijing University)
Geometry and analysis of 4-manifolds (November 4th - 27th 2008)

David Soudry (School of Mathematical Siences, Tel Aviv University)
On Langlands Functoriality from classical groups to $GL(n)$ (May 18th - June 17th 2007)

Yujiro Kawamata (Tokyo)
Recent Advances in the Minimal Model Program (Mid May - Mid July 2006)


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