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Exhibition "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe" at MPIM opening on November 10th

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The exhibition "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe" will be on public display at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics from November 10 to December 23, 2016. This touring exhibition, whose starting point is the 7th European Congress of Mathematics held in July 2016 in Berlin, features the portrays of thirteen female mathematicians, sharing their experience, thus serving as role models to encourage young women to enter mathematics, a field where women are still largely underrepresented. The exhibition will be launched with the:

Opening Event

Date/time: November 10th, 2016, 18:00h
Place: Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Vivatsgasse 7, Bonn


18:00  Two short audio, and audiovisual pieces related to women’s history
18:30  Introduction by the exhibitions curator, Prof. Sylvie Paycha

1st Piece: "Gender Data Sonification" 
An insight into gender inequalities through data sonification by Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis (musician) & Jimena Royo-Letelier (mathematician).

A primary sound composition is altered following selected indicators, shedding light on the intensity of gender inequalities across the world. The data covers education, employment, entrepreneurship, health and development statistics, from various sources such as the OECD Gender Data Portal or the Worldbank Gender Statistics database.

2nd Piece: "Women's history through the eyes of a mathematician."
An audiovisual promenade, inspired by women’s history by Jacinta Torres and Claire Glanois (mathematicians) with the participation of Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis (music), E (violin), Marion Lenfant-Preus (voice), & Andreas (voice).

A timeline is split into four sections: Prelude, First wave, Second wave, Third wave.  Each movement is "visually" illustrated by a female mathematician. A log book will guide you through this journey: you will find some prime materials, facts, myths or quotes which "fed" this piece.

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