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Information on publications of institute members and the preprint series of the MPIM

How to submit preprints

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Visiting guests and members of MPIM can submit proposals to our preprint series. These submissions will be checked by an institute member and, if appropriate, included in our database. A hard copy of all submissions will be collected in the library.

The MPIM preprint series

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Browse and search the MPIM preprints...

Publications of institute members and guests

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Publications in MPG Database
Institutional Repository - PuRe

The library team is responsible for gathering all the publication data produced at the MPIM by its guests and institute members. The MPG institutional repository (PuRe) currently contains most of the peer-reviewed publications since 1997. If your publication is not listed, please send an email with publication details to the library team at

You can check here if your publication is already included in PuRe.

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