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Cotangent complexes of moduli spaces and Ginzburg dg algebras

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Sarah Scherotzke
University of Luxembourg
Tue, 23/06/2020 - 16:45 - 17:55

We give an introduction to the notion of moduli stack of a dg category.  We explain what shifted symplectic structures are and how they are connected to Calabi-Yau structures on dg categories. More concretely, we will show that the cotangent complex to the moduli stack of a dg category A admits a modular interpretation: namely, it is isomorphic to the moduli stack of the *Calabi-Yau completion* of A. This answers a conjecture of Keller-Yeung. The talk is based on joint work

This is joint work with Damien Calaque and Tristan Bozec

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