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Donaldson-Thomas invariants and resurgence

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Tom Bridgeland
Sheffield University
Tue, 10/05/2022 - 13:45 - 15:30

Whenever we have a divergent power series we can attempt to produce an analytic function by using Borel resummation. This process depends on a choice of ray in the complex plane, and in general we obtain a variety of different Borel sums related to each other by discrete jumps across critical rays. There are a number of examples now known where these Stokes jumps are precisely described by the DT invariants of some associated category. In the first half of the talk I will describe a particular example of this phenomenon relating to the topological string partition function of the resolved conifold. In the second half I will explain how viewing DT invariants as non-linear Stokes data suggests a way to encode them in a geometric structure which is a kind of non-linear Frobenius manifold.

Even when the speakers are not from Bonn, the seminar is videostreamed from the Lecture Hall.

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