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Renormalisation of stochastic partial differential equations [AG&Phys Seminar/Zoom only]

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Yvain Bruned
University of Edinburgh
Tue, 28/06/2022 - 13:45 - 15:30

Online talk only. 

Contact: Gaetan Borot (HU Berlin,

In this talk, we will present the main ideas of the renormalisation of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs), as it appears in the theory of regularity structures. It is crucially based on the notion of a model that is a collection of stochastic integrals recentered around a base point and renormalised. They are used for Taylor-expanding solutions of singular SPDEs. We will discuss  the transformation of the canonical model to the renormalised one and the underlying algebraic structure which are Hopf algebras on decorated trees.

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