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Rogers-Ramanujan type identities and arc spaces [AG&Phys Seminar/ on Zoom]

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Hussein Mourtada
Institut Mathematique de Jussieu
Tue, 05/07/2022 - 13:45 - 15:30

Online talk only. 

Contact: Gaetan Borot (HU Berlin,

In this talk, I will show a link between an invariant of singularities (involving arc spaces) and Rogers-Ramanujan identities. These latter are identities concerning the theory of integer partitions which have a long history in classical number theory; an integer partition of an integer n being simply a decreasing sequence of positive integers whose sum is equal to n. I will then explain how this link allows to find and prove new families of partition identities.

The talk is directed at a broad public. It concerns various works with C. Brucheck and J. Schepers, with P. Afsharijoo and with P. Afsharijoo, J. Dousse and Frédéric Jouhet.

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