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Getting around in Bonn

Local public transport

The city of Bonn has an excellent local public transport system, with good links to various parts of the city by bus, tram and underground or by Deutsche Bahn.

You can find further information on timetables, prices and online booking services on the homepages of the various transport companies.

You can obtain personal information from

Private cars

Required documents

Please ensure that if you bring your own car, you have all the necessary papers (driving licence, vehicle registration document etc.) and that they are valid. You can obtain details from Bonn City Council's licensing authority or vehicle registration authority which also provide copies of all the necessary forms. The Welcome Centre at the University of Bonn has compiled detailed information on bringing your private car to Germany

Bonn environmental zone

Environmental zones have been set up in several German towns and cities since 1 January 2008 (Bonn since 01.01.2010) to protect health and the environment. Only vehicles that meet certain emission standards and have a badge on the windscreen may enter the designated environmental zones. Awarding a badge to the vehicle depends on the pollutant groups stipulated. Detailed information on the setting up of environmental zones in German towns and cities is given on the homepage of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. You can find details of where you can obtain the appropriate pollutant badges locally here.


Free parking places in the centre of Bonn are very restricted, so cycling is a practical alternative means of transport. offers a lot of useful information about cycling in Bonn and the surrounding area.

Buying a bicycle

Apart from buying new, you can also find second-hand bicycles for sale for example from notice boards, newspaper adverts or one of the bicycle markets that are held several times a semester at the main university building. Visiting scientists at the MPIM also often offer their bicycles for sale before they leave.

Hiring a bicycle

  • Radstation at the main station, Quantiusstraße (opposite house no. 4-6), 53115 Bonn, tel.: 02 28-98 14 63 6
  • Fahrradverleih Kurscheid, Römerstr. 4, 53111 Bonn, tel.: 0228-631433
  • Fahrradladen Südstadt, Bonner Talweg 121, 53113 Bonn, tel.: 0228-2423233 (hiring and buying)
  • City Bike, Oxfordstr. 15, 53111 Bonn, tel.: 0228-9816112
  • Fahrradhaus Sauerborn, Wittelsbacherring 40 a, 53115 Bonn (near Viktoriabrücke), tel. 0228-634332
  • Klingeling, Belderberg 32, 53113 Bonn, tel.: 0228-886523-65
Other useful links for transport and getting around in Bonn


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