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Language courses

German courses at the MPIM

The MPIM offers a weekly private German course in small groups to all visitors to the Institute.
If you are interested, please contact Marianna Mäkelä.

German courses at the University of Bonn

The Welcome Centre at the University of Bonn, in collaboration with the Pro-Integration Association, offers German
courses for visiting scientists and their partners. For current courses at the University please see:


Contact at the University:

For questions concerning the registration process at the University, please contact:
Welcome Center for International Researchers
Jessica Greis-Mills
Phone: +49 (0)228 73-4040

For questions concerning the course content and anything related directly to the course
at the University, please contact:
German as a Foreign Language
Sonja Hammer
Phone: +49 (0)228 73-7708

Private language schools in Bonn

Many private language schools in Bonn offer German courses. Several of them are located within
a walking distance of our Institute. You can find further information and details of the course providers
(Goethe Institut, Steinke Institut, IFS Bonn-Berlin, Bonn Lingua, Deutsche Welle (online), amongst others) 
if you google "Deutschunterricht in Bonn".


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