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Living in Bonn

General information on looking for somewhere to live in Bonn

As Bonn is home to a number of international research facilities and companies, short-let furnished accommodation is in great demand. Furnished apartments in a central location are very much sought after on the Bonn accommodation market, so we advise you to begin looking in good time before you arrive. The following list of abbreviations may be useful when looking at adverts for accommodation.

You can use the following options when looking for accommodation in Bonn:
Looking for accommodation through the MPIM

The MPIM provides help for all visiting scientists at the Institute in their search for accommodation in Bonn. We can provide apartments of different sizes, level of furnishing and price in and around Bonn from a pool of properties offered by private landlords primarily to people visiting the MPIM and other research facilities. Most of the apartments are located in the city center.

Apartments from our contingent can only be rented on a monthly basis. The apartments we offer are usually fully furnished and include bedding, towels and complete kitchen facilities. For longer periods we can arrange flat sharing in order to help reduce costs if required.

We only help with the mediation between tenant and landlord. We are not a contractual partner and do not take responsibility for the content of the rental contract. When you get a rental contract, please make sure you understand the conditions and agree with everything in the contract before signing it.

If you would like our help in finding somewhere to live, please complete our accomodation application form, then sign it and e-mail (housing$@$mpim-bonn$.$mpg$.$de) it back to us. You will then receive further information on finding accommodation through the MPI.

Looking for accommodation on the free market
Renting privately

You can rent short-let furnished accommodation privately from the following:

Shared accommodation

You can use the following websites when searching specifically for rooms in shared accommodation or apartments for short-term rental:

Local daily newspapers

You can also find adverts for accommodation in the Wednesday and Saturday editions of the local daily newspapers.

Renting through an agency

The following estate agents currently offer furnished accommodation in the Bonn area. Please read the general terms and conditions.


Guest houses in Bonn

The international guest house in Bonn is always very popular, so you should start making enquiries as soon as possible. The main advantage of these is that they offer the option of also renting apartments on a daily basis, i.e. also just for short stays and for visits of less than a month.


BONNOX Boardinghouse
In der Raste 5-7
53129 Bonn


Derag Livinghotel Kanzler
Adenauerallee 148
53113 Bonn, Deutschland


University Club Bonn
Konviktstr. 9
53113 Bonn

Hotels in Bonn

For shorter stays in Bonn, we have compiled a list of hotels. We do not guarantee the quality of this information or that it is complete.

As an alternative to the international guest houses, there are several hotels in Bonn offering apartments with cooking facilities. These are suitable for short stays of a few days up to a month. These hotels are marked in our list with a *.



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