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Mordell Weil rank jumps and the Hilbert property

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Cecilia Salgado
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/MPIM
Tue, 01/10/2019 - 14:00 - 15:00
MPIM Lecture Hall

Let X be an elliptic surface with a section defined over a number field. Specialization theorems by N\'eron and Silverman imply that the rank of the Mordell-Weil group of special fibers is at least equal to the MW rank of the generic fiber. We say that the rank jumps when the former is strictly large than the latter. In this talk, I will discuss rank jumps for elliptic surfaces fibred over the projective line. If the surface admits a conic bundle we show that the subset of the line for which the rank jumps is not thin in the sense of Serre. This is joint work with Dan Loughran. 


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