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Guest Program

Information about the MPIM Guest Program.

Application for the Guest Program and for PostDoc positions

PLEASE NOTE: In general it is best to apply about one year before the intended starting date of your stay. During June-July we are usually overbooked and hence have to be very strict with invitations for that period. So if possible try to apply outside summer.

The selection committee meets three times each year. The deadline for the next application round is November 16, 2018 (meaning that all required documents including the letters by the referees should have been uploaded by then). To apply for an invitation to the MPIM, please fill the application form carefully and provide us with all required attachments. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

You should have completed a PhD prior to the starting date of your intended visit, and your research interest should intersect with the main working areas of the MPIM.

Guest Program

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The Guest Program is the key concept distinguishing the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics from other Max Planck Institutes. Within the program mathematicians with a completed Ph.D. can work at the MPIM for a fixed period of time, ranging from weeks to several months. Young researches at the postdoctoral level can get in contact to established scientists, who enjoy staying at the MPIM for a sabbatical. The whole concept of the program is about stimulating the communication and the exchange of ideas within the mathematics community. Over the years a few thousand mathematicians have used this unique opportunity.

The institute also hosts many so-called activities, consisting of a conference and an attached workshop. Many scientist combine their stay with such an event.

Participation in the Guest Program or working at MPIM as a Postdoc requires an Application, which will be decided upon at regular meetings of the scientific advisory board. Successful applicants will receive an invitation to work at the MPIM.

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