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Twinned Conference on Homotopy Theory with Applications to Arithmetic and Geometry

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Mon, 27/06/2022 - 08:00 - Thu, 30/06/2022 - 16:00

Twinned Conference on Homotopy Theory with Applications to Arithmetic and Geometry, June 27 - 30, 2022

The field of homotopy theory originated in the study of topological spaces up to deformation, but has since been applied effectively in several other disciplines. Indeed, homotopical ideas led to the resolution of several long-standing open conjectures, for instance on smooth structures on spheres, the moduli of curves, and the cohomology of fields. More recently, Bhatt, Morrow, and Scholze used homotopical methods to compare different cohomology theories for algebraic varieties, thereby resolving open questions in arithmetic geometry. In a similarly arithmetic vein, Galatius and Venkatesh initiated the study of Galois representations with homotopical means, whereas Clausen and Scholze revisited the foundations of analytic topology. These and other recent developments in the interface of arithmetic and topology opened up new lines of attack towards classical open questions, which sparked a wide range of current research activities. This conference intends to survey some of the most spectacular recent advances in the fields, thereby paving the way to new developments and future interactions. Our goal is to foster scientific exchange and collaboration between established researchers, emerging leaders, early career mathematicians, and graduate students.

This will be a split transatlantic conference taking place at the Fields Institute in Canada and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Germany, with videoconferencing connections in place to help collaboration. The concept of the twinned conference was motivated by the desire to reduce environmental impact of conference travels. Our hope is that this initiative will help reduce transatlantic flights, while still promoting long distance interactions. The goal of this twinned conference is to bring together experts on Homotopy Theory and adjacent areas to discuss the forefront of current developments in this highly active field.

We especially welcome applications from members of minority groups.

Policy for the Max Planck Society against discrimination, harassment and violence.

Financial support

There is limited financial support available from our side but we also encourage participants to seek external fundings. You are welcome to apply for financial support in the registration form and you will be informed if you will receive any fundings in due time.

Hotels nearby

For a list of hotels near the MPIM, please see here.


If you would like to participate, please register with the institute that is closest to your location.

Please either register with the Fields Institute in Canada, or register with the Max Planck Institute in Germany until March 20, 2022 (registration is closed).

Confirmed Speakers

Joana Cirici - Universitat de Barcelona
Dustin Clausen - University of Copenhagen
Lars Hesselholt - University of Copenhagen / Nagoya University
Oscar Randal-Williams - University of Cambridge
Peter Scholze - Max Planck Institute for Mathematics / University of Bonn
Nathalie Wahl - University of Copenhagen

North America
Ben Antieau - Northwestern University
David Ayala - Montana State University
Akhil Mathew - University of Chicago
Kate Ponto - University of Kentucky
Jenny Wilson - University of Michigan
Inna Zakharevich - Cornell University


Tobias Barthel - Max Planck Institute for Mathematics
Agnès Beaudry - University of Colorado Boulder
Lukas Brantner - CNRS (Université Paris-Saclay) / University of Oxford
Ian Hambleton - McMaster University
André Henriques - University of Oxford
Ben Knudsen - Northeastern University
Aaron Mazel-Gee - California Institute of Technology

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