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Geometry and Quantum Field Theory

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Sylvie Paycha, Steve Rosenberg, Peter Teichner, Mathai Varghese
Sun, 20/06/2010 (All day) - Sat, 26/06/2010 (All day)
MPIM Lecture Hall

The broad theme of the conference is the interaction between mathematics and physics, more specifically between noncommutative geometry in mathematics and statistical models and quantum field theory in physics. The specific themes behind the conference are:

  • Noncommutative geometry and Index Theory. Statistical models.
  • Geometric issues in quantum field theory. Hamiltonian anomalies. Bundle n-gerbes.


We will celebrate Alan Carey’s 60th birthday at this conference.



  • Sylvie Paycha (U. Blaise Pascal)
  • Steve Rosenberg (Boston U.)
  • Peter Teichner (U. California, Berkeley and MPIM, Bonn)
  • Mathai Varghese (U. Adelaide)



Keynote Speakers:

MPIM Colloquium Speaker (Thursday, June 24, 3-4 p.m.)

See the program for titles and abstracts, or the calendar and attachment for a tentative schedule.

Conference Proceedings:

As announced via email, there will be a conference proceedings that will be published in a couple of issues of Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society that will appear in 2011. We welcome submissions of journal-quality papers from participants, especially speakers. The instructions follow:

  1. All such submissions by participants to the conference proceedings should be sent to
  2. The absolute deadline for such submissions is Friday 30th July, 2010 (in Europe).
  3. Shorter submissions (5-20 pages) are encouraged, as they need to be refereed quickly to meet publication deadlines.

Funding: The conference is mainly funded by MPIM. Travel to the conference is mainly funded by the National Science Foundation, the Australian Research Council and by the MPIM.

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