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General Information and policies

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The library currently holds around 18 000 monographs and conference proceedings, as well as subscriptions to over 200 print journals. In addition, users have access to electronic journals and books as well as databases both locally and remotely.

The library's book and journal collection reflect the working areas of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics and thus the following subfields are particularly represented in the collection of the library: algebraic groups, arithmetic geometry, number theory, representation theory, algebraic and complex geometry, differential geometry and topology, algebraic topology, global analysis, non-commutative geometry, dynamic systems and mathematical physics.

Through the cooperation of the Institutes within the Max Planck Society, MPIM is able to offer e-resources wide outside its core fields. The listing of those e-resources can be found

Floor plan and locations
The lower floor of the library houses the book and journal collections. See the
floor map to find out where to find individual resources.
The top floor offers comfortable seating and a quiet atmosphere for study, reading, and reflection.

Library rules
The library functions mainly as a reference library and it is strictly forbidden to take any of the books or journals out of the building. The scientific staff and guests staying at the institute may, however, borrow books or journal volumes and take them to their office provided that they are borrowed using the self-service terminal.

Library card
No extra library card is needed. Books and journal volumes are borrowed with the self-service terminal using the entrance card as the form of identification.

Loan period
Normal loan period for items borrowed is up to three months, provided that no-one else requests the book/journal volume before that. If a request is made, the library has the right to recall an item at any point, and the book/journal volume has to be returned to the library.When a request is made by another user, the librarian will send an e-mail requesting the return of the item on loan as soon as possible. In case the item is still in active use, then the library is allowed to disclose the identity of the user holding the item to the requester in order to make arrangements how to best share the item between them. Thus the loan period for popular items requested by several mathematicians will be in fact shorter than 3 months.

E-mail reminder sent by the library

At the end of the loan period users will receive an e-mail to remind them that they still have items on loan. Users will be asked to return the items that they no longer need and renew the items that they want still to keep.

Renewing your loans
Renewing loans can be done by using the self-check terminal in the library or by emailing the library staff at

Requesting items that are on loan

Users will be able to see in the library catalogue, if a certain item is in the library or on loan. Should they require an item that is on loan, they should contact the librarian, who will then recall the item. Once the item is returned by the previous user, it will be charged to the new user’s account and placed in their pigeon hole with a notice of the due date.

Returning books and journal volumes

Books are returned using the self-service terminal. No identification is needed at this point. Returned books are placed onto the book shelf marked “returns”. The library staff shall shelf all the returned items.Also remember that no food and drink are allowed in the library in order to protect books, computers and other equipment, and library furnishings.
Coin operated lockers for your bag or other personal belongingsare available on the 2nd floor opposite the reception .


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