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Childcare and schools

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Childcare for the pre-school age group

Daycare centres and nursery schools in Bonn

It is difficult to get a place in kindergarten in Bonn and it is necessary to take care of this a long time in advance. There is a difference between public and private kindergarten. The private ones can get quite expensive.

Bonn City Council can provide comprehensive information about childcare facilities in Bonn. Working closely with Bonn's nursery schools, Bonn City Council runs the KIGAN (Kindergarteninformationssystem – Childcare Information System) [3] which can be used to search specifically for nursery schools. KIGAN is a nursery school information and waiting list administration system.


For shorter stays in Bonn, it can be difficult to find a place in a childcare facility. A useful alternative is therefore to use childminders. This usually involves a small group of four to five children being cared for at the home of childminders. The Network of Childcare in Families is an association of six non-profit making organisations in Bonn and offers further information on childcare provision. Sponsored by the Office for Children, Youth and Families, the network aims to expand childcare provision to meet the growing demand.

International childcare provision in Bonn

In Bonn there are a number of international organisations that provide childcare for pre-school children in English, French or Spanish and in some cases bilingual. The following are some of the organisations known to us:

Schools in Bonn

In Germany, schooling is compulsory for children over the age of six. Children must therefore be registered with the education authority unless you wish to send your children to an international school. If this is the case, you should contact the appropriate person at the respective schools in advance. Attending state schools in Germany is free. Normally, private or international schools charge fees. Parents should find out in advance about school times, types of school and holidays.

You can find general information on the school system in Germany on the EURAXESS Germany website. Bonn City Council has compiled comprehensive information on the subject of schools and education in Bonn. You will find for example lists and addresses of all schools in Bonn arranged by type of school.

International schools

Bonn has a number of international and bilingual schools with teaching in English, French or Spanish. The following lists some of the organisations known to us:

Primary schools
Secondary schools
Advice centre for foreign parents

Bonn City Council has also set up an advice centre for foreign parents to help them in their search for a suitable school place for their children.

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