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The Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics actively endorse open access to research publications. While some journals (more information available through SHERPA/ROMEO permit their authors to put the final, refereed version of their paper on or make all articles freely available after a certain time, many important journals require the payment of an article processing charge that ranges typically from 1500-3000 USD. For certain journals MPIM can cover these charges for you.

To find out whether the open access charges for your publication can be covered from central funds of the Max Planck Digital Library you can check the searchable list of elligible journals, which includes Inventiones, GAFA, Math. Ann., Math. Z., Comm. Math. Phys., Eur. J. Math., Geom. Dedicata, Israel J. Math., Lett. Math. Phys., Manuscripta Math., Selecta Math., Ramanujan J.

You can also make an application to cover the article processing charges from institute funds. MPIM Open Access policy supports publishing in Gold standard journals like Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. Ser. B.

Please see our librarian to check whether your paper is elligible.

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