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General Information

General Information about the MPIM computer system.

MathSciNet mobile pairing

 Recently the AMS has introduced the mobile pairing access for MathSciNet.

To activate the service either use the "pair my device links" on the following information page

or select the Providence, RI mirror and click/tap on the mobile access icon in the top right corner of the home page.


How to subscribe to the MPIM calendar

The MPIM calendar feed is located at Most calendar applications have an option like "subscribe to webcal" or "subscribe to iCal". Simply copy and paste the above address into the corresponding URL field. On recent computer systems it may suffice to click on the above link.

Web-Mail / E-Mail

The MPIM web-mail service is located at Use it to read your email at home or while traveling.

While you are logged in via wireless, ethernet or VPN you can also configure your favorite mail software to connect to our mailserver:

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