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An introduction to univalent foundations and the equivalence principle

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Paige North
University of Pennsylvania
Mon, 28/03/2022 - 15:00 - 16:00

Please note: This is  talk will take place online only.

For zoom details contact: Barthel, Ozornova, Ray, Teichner.

The equivalence principle is an informal principle asserting that equivalent mathematical objects have the same properties. For example, isomorphic groups should have the same group-theoretic properties, and equivalent categories should have the same category-theoretic properties. Vladimir Voevodsky established Univalent Foundations (UF) as a foundation of mathematics based on Homotopy Type Theory with the conjecture that the equivalence principle cannot be violated in UF -- it is a theorem.

In this talk, I will introduce Univalent Foundations motivated by this perspective. I will also talk about joint work with Ahrens, Shulman, and Tsementzis which proves Voevodsky's conjecture.

This talk will be self-contained.

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