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Sectorial descent for wrapped Fukaya categories and applications to mirror symmetry

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Sheel Ganatra
Mon, 14/02/2022 - 18:00 - 19:00

For zoom details please contact T. Barthel, V. Ozornova, A. Ray, P. Teichner. 


I will describe a package of structural results (joint with Pardon-Shende) for computing partially wrapped Fukaya categories of Weinstein manifolds and sectors, culminating in a descent formula for such categories with respect to so-called "(Weinstein) sectorial" coverings. I will also discuss what is known about finding such coverings from different types of input data, with an emphasis on examples. A particularly interesting case (based on works in progress with Auroux-Hanlon-Jeffs and Hanlon-Hicks-Ward) is when the relevant input data comes from a geometric mirror construction, in which case the associated coverings and descent formulae can be used to give a local-to-global understanding of mirror symmetry.


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