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Information about our library and access to monographs, journals and electronic resources

Open Access

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The Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics actively endorse open access to research publications. While some journals (more information available through SHERPA/ROMEO) permit their authors to put the final, refereed version of their paper on or make all articles freely available after a certain time, many important journals require the payment of an article processing charge that ranges typically from 1500-3000 USD. For certain journals MPIM can cover these charges for you.

To find out whether the open access charges for your publication can be covered from central funds of the Max Planck Digital Library you can check the searchable list of elligible journals, which includes Inventiones, GAFA, Math. Ann., Math. Z., Comm. Math. Phys., Eur. J. Math., Geom. Dedicata, Israel J. Math., Lett. Math. Phys., Manuscripta Math., Selecta Math., Ramanujan J.

You can also make an application to cover the article processing charges from institute funds. MPIM Open Access policy supports publishing in Gold standard journals like Forum Math. Sigma, Forum Math. Pi and Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. Ser. B.

Please see our librarian to check whether your paper is elligible.

More information:
Open access policy of Max Planck Society
Central open access publishing agreements

General Information and policies

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The library currently holds around 18 000 monographs and conference proceedings, as well as subscriptions to over 200 print journals. In addition, users have access to electronic journals and books as well as databases both locally and remotely.

The library's book and journal collection reflect the working areas of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics and thus the following subfields are particularly represented in the collection of the library: algebraic groups, arithmetic geometry, number theory, representation theory, algebraic and complex geometry, differential geometry and topology, algebraic topology, global analysis, non-commutative geometry, dynamic systems and mathematical physics.

Through the cooperation of the Institutes within the Max Planck Society, MPIM is able to offer e-resources wide outside its core fields. The listing of those e-resources can be found

Floor plan and locations
The lower floor of the library houses the book and journal collections. See the
floor map to find out where to find individual resources.
The top floor offers comfortable seating and a quiet atmosphere for study, reading, and reflection.

Library rules
The library functions mainly as a reference library and it is strictly forbidden to take any of the books or journals out of the building. The scientific staff and guests staying at the institute may, however, borrow books or journal volumes and take them to their office provided that they are borrowed using the self-service terminal.

Library card
No extra library card is needed. Books and journal volumes are borrowed with the self-service terminal using the entrance card as the form of identification.

Loan period
Normal loan period for items borrowed is up to three months, provided that no-one else requests the book/journal volume before that. If a request is made, the library has the right to recall an item at any point, and the book/journal volume has to be returned to the library.When a request is made by another user, the librarian will send an e-mail requesting the return of the item on loan as soon as possible. In case the item is still in active use, then the library is allowed to disclose the identity of the user holding the item to the requester in order to make arrangements how to best share the item between them. Thus the loan period for popular items requested by several mathematicians will be in fact shorter than 3 months.

E-mail reminder sent by the library

At the end of the loan period users will receive an e-mail to remind them that they still have items on loan. Users will be asked to return the items that they no longer need and renew the items that they want still to keep.

Renewing your loans
Renewing loans can be done by using the self-check terminal in the library or by emailing the library staff at

Requesting items that are on loan

Users will be able to see in the library catalogue, if a certain item is in the library or on loan. Should they require an item that is on loan, they should contact the librarian, who will then recall the item. Once the item is returned by the previous user, it will be charged to the new user’s account and placed in their pigeon hole with a notice of the due date.

Returning books and journal volumes

Books are returned using the self-service terminal. No identification is needed at this point. Returned books are placed onto the book shelf marked “returns”. The library staff shall shelf all the returned items.Also remember that no food and drink are allowed in the library in order to protect books, computers and other equipment, and library furnishings.
Coin operated lockers for your bag or other personal belongingsare available on the 2nd floor opposite the reception .



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Borrowing a book/journal volume

1) Check if the book is available in the
library catalogue (indicated by green square in front of holdings)
     If the book is available, check the location where the book should be found:
Help! How to search and how to locate your book
Check the shelf location from the the floor plan
3) Borrow the book by using the self-service Terminal by the entrance of the library.

You do not need an extra library card, your white institute entrance card has been activated for the library system and functions as your library card.  Start by clicking on "Borrow" on the screen of the terminal and then following the instructions on the screen. The normal loan period for all items is up to three monts, provided that no-one else requests the item before that. If a request is made, the item has to be returned to the library.

If the book is on loan, this is indicated by a red square in front of the holdings. It this case contact the librarian in order to find out, how you can get hold of the book.

Returning your loan

Use the self-service terminal by clicking on "Return" and then following the instructions on the screen. You do not need your library card when returning loans.
After the books have been returned, place them on the shelf marked "Returns". The library staff will shelf the returned books for you.

Not in the library collection?

1) Suggest a new book for the library - form

2) Library of Mathematics Online Catalogue / Webseite

If you want to borrow a book, you first need a library card for Bonn University Library. To apply for a library card, visit the
Bonn University Library (ULB) at Adenauerallee 39-41 or the Branch Library MNL at Nußallee 15A.
Take the following documents with you when applying for a library card:
               a) valid identity card/passport
               b) proof of your current address (“Meldebescheinigung” from the residents registration office at City Hall)
               c) your MPI card

3) Interlibrary loan – form
Request an article or chapter as a loan or copy by using this form

To make an Interlending request
Fill out the request form or send an email to library
a) Complete the form with as much information as you have
b) Use the 'Additional Information' box to enter any other useful information.    
c) Submit the request

How long will it take?
This can vary, but using standard delivery services it can take 3-5 days. More difficult requests such as recently published, old, obscure or foreign material might take longer.

We will let you know when your book arrives, normally by email.  The book is then placed in your pigeon hole with the information of the due date.

How to renew your items
If you want to renew an interlibrary loan, please do so 2-3 days before the due date by sending an email to the library. Most items can be renewed, if they are not needed by someone else.

Return items
Please return loans to the MPIM library by the due date. We will send the book to the library that originally provided the interlibrary loan.

Printed and electronic journals

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Printed journals – current subscriptions and historical holdings
Electronic Journals – access to the electronic versions

If the resource you need for your research is not held by the MPIM library, you can make an interlibrary loan request by email or by filling out the form on the library homepage.<--break->

Interlibrary loans / document supply

We will try to get the item from another library a photocopy or as an electronic document.

To make an Interlending request
Fill out the request form:     

  • Complete the form with as much information as you have.
  • Use the 'Additional Information' box to enter any other useful information.       
  • Submit the request

How long will it take?
This can vary, but using standard delivery services it can take 1-2 days for articles. More difficult requests such as recently published, old, obscure or foreign material might take longer.

Receiving electronic documents/articles
We will send photocopies to you by email and you can keep these.

Electronic journals
During their stay at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics the guests have access to the full text of electronic journals marked with a yellow or yellow/red dot. Access to the electronic journals is provided automatically without a password, provided that you are within the MPIM IP range. The remote access outside MPIM is possible through the VPN-client. To get the client installed into your laptop, contact the IT department.

Different licences
There are different types of licences ranging from parallel editions of individual print journals, to Max Planck Society wide licences and German national licences. There might be several licences for the same journal covering a different time period. Check all the links, in order to access the issue that you are interested in.

General terms of use for electronic journals in full text version
By using this service you agree to abide by the conditions established by the publisher for the use of electronic journals. Generally, access to the full texts is only permitted to the guests during their stay at the institute. The full texts of the articles are to be printed or electronically saved only for personal usage and for the purpose of teaching and research. The systematical downloading of articles, especially by "robots", is forbidden. You are not allowed to pass the articles on to third parties, neither electronically nor in any printed version.


Databases and e-resources

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MathSciNet– mathematical sciences database by AMS
Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH) -  pure and applied mathematics database
Web of Science - scientific citation indexing service with a comprehensive citation search
E-books by AMS, Springer and MPDL(Max Planck Society wide e-resources)
Remote access to e-resources

eBook packages

American Mathematical Society (AMS) eBooks
Contemporary Mathematics (Backfile): 1980-2011, 2017-
Graduate Studies in Mathematics (Backfile) : 1993 – 2011
Mathematical Surveys and Monographs (Backfile):  1943 – 2010
Memoirs of the AMS:  1950 –
Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics (Backfile) : 1959-2012
Student Mathematical Library (Backfile): 1999 – 2014
University Lecture Series (Backfile): 1989 – 2014

Banach Center

Banach Center Publications - proceedings of selected conferences and semesters

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics
Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics
Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications
London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series

eBook collection: mathematics – Access to selected titles marked with green icon

European Mathematical Society
EMS eBooks 

Princeton University Press
Annals of Mathematics Series: vol. 1-191

Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry
Encyclopaedia of Mathematics by Springer and EMS
Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1964-
Springer eBooks 1842-

eBooks provided by MPDL

Remote access to e-resources

MathSciNet mobile pairing
To activate the service use the "pair my device links" on the following information page while inside the MPI network:
This procedure will store a cookie in your browser that gives you access from any network for 90 days.  After that you will need to renew the "Pairing" from inside the MPI network.

For remote access to other e-resources, contact
IT-department. They need to install a VPN client to your laptop.


Hirzebruch Collection

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A media archive that collects documents, images, videos, and other resources related to the work and life of the MPIM's founding director Prof. Dr. Friedrich Hirzebruch (1927-2012). As the project is still ongoing, contributions of original documents such as personal photographs or video recordings of talks are welcome.

Contact information

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Librarian:  Anu Hirvonen, Tel. +49(0)228-402-252
In case of absence: Andrea Kohlhuber, Tel. 402 305/243

Should you need any help at any point, just ask for assistance. The Library staff office (room 306) is situated near the entrance to the library, and we are more than happy to help you. Alternatively, you can send us an email.

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