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Services to support the research at the institute

Emergency telephone numbers, medical services, doctors

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Emergency telephone numbers
Emergency doctor
Fire service
Emergency medical services
Emergency medical services - medical call centre
0180-50 44 100
Poisons Centre for Bonn and NRW
0228-19 240
Children's medical emergen

MathSciNet mobile pairing

 Recently the AMS has introduced the mobile pairing access for MathSciNet.

To activate the service use the "pair my device links" on the following information page



Berfin Akbas

Secretary / Administration
+49 (0)228 402-0
finance$@$mpim-bonn$.$mpg$.$de (accounting, travel expenses & info) / invitation$@$mpim-bonn$.$mpg$.$de (secretary)


Responsible for:

  • Travel expenses and travel information
  • Secretary, Accounting

Svenja Beljaars

Human resources & Guest relations
+49 (0)228 402-0
personnel$@$mpim-bonn$.$mpg$.$de and housing$@$mpim-bonn$.$mpg$.$de

Contact information

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Librarian: Anu Hirvonen, Tel. +49(0)228-402-252 (In case of absence: Andrea Kohlhuber, Tel. 402-243.)
If you need help, you can find us in room 306 by the entrance of the library.  If you prefer, you can just send us an

Petra Nippert


Talip Toksöz

Head of Administration

Gianna Vogeno

Guest relations & conference management
+49 (0)228 402-0

Open Access

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The Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics actively endorse open access of research publications. If you publish under the MPIM-affliation your article processing charges might be covered by central funds from MPDL, or you can apply for a MPIM grant. For more information contact the librarian.

Childcare and schools

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Childcare for the pre-school age group

Daycare centres and nursery schools in Bonn

It is difficult to get a place in kindergarten in Bonn and it is necessary to take care of this a long time in advance. There is a difference between public and private kindergarten. The private ones can get quite expensive.

Living in Bonn

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General information on looking for somewhere to live in Bonn

Because Bonn is home to a number of international research facilities and companies, short-let furnished accommodation is in great demand. Furnished apartments in a central location are very much sought after on the Bonn accommodation market, so we advise you to begin looking in good time before you arrive. The following list of abbreviations may be useful when looking at adverts for accommodation.

Visa regulations and regulations on residence

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Visa and travel to Germany

The internet page of the "Foreign Office" provides detailed information on visa guidelines for travel to Germany. You can also find further useful information via the "Welcome Center" of Bonn University

Health insurance, medical services and doctors

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Health insurance

You and any family members travelling with you will need adequate health insurance for the whole of your stay as a visiting researcher.

Your research stay in Bonn at our institute is based on our fellowship or financed privately, so you are not subject to statutory social insurance. Nevertheless, in any case you are required to have sufficient health insurance coverage - preferably - with a full assumption of costs for any medical assistance.

Banking and financial services

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Generally, it is advisable to open a bank account for your stay in Germany. Alternatively, a bank account in your own EU country using the euro can be used.

If you have further queries, contact Mrs. Svenja Beljaars in Administration.

Language courses

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German courses at the MPIM

The MPIM offers a weekly private German course in small groups to all visitors to the Institute.
If you are interested, please contact Marianna Mäkelä.

German courses at the University of Bonn

The Welcome Centre at the University of Bonn, in collaboration with the Pro-Integration Association, offers German
courses for visiting scientists and their partners. For current courses at the University please see:

Getting around in Bonn

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Local public transport

The city of Bonn has an excellent local public transport system, with good links to various parts of the city by bus, tram and underground or by Deutsche Bahn.

You can find further information on timetables, prices and online booking services on the homepages of the various transport companies.

MPIM Lecture Hall

The lecture hall is located on the 3rd floor and offers space for about 120 people.

MPIM Seminar Room

 The seminar room is located on the 3rd floor and offers space for about 20 people.

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